PMLS Virtual Series 2021 – Clinical Trials in Precision Medicine

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March 16, 2021

One measure of impact of a new protocol on a field is its use in clinical trials and in the clinic.  A quick search of the impact of “precision medicine” in results in hundreds of hits.  Narrowing down to “recruiting” yields over 180 hits in areas as diverse as cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, mental health (e.g., Alzheimer’s Disease), and heart health.  In addition, precision medicine has advanced novel clinical trial designs (e.g., bayesian, basket, umbrella, etc.) that allow investigators to identify responders to novel drugs, thereby improving the efficacy and safety of a therapy in a broad population (who should/should not receive therapy).  We foresee more innovation in this area as data are reviewed and protocols are vetted to select for the best design and execution strategies.

Come join us for the Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials Virtual Summit to hear leaders from academia, biotech, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, clinical research, healthcare and regulatory bodies on this topic!

If you are a clinical trial investigator, clinical scientist, practicing clinician, or in regulatory affairs, you cannot miss line-up of speakers who will address these points and more:

  • Clinical data in the era of precision medicine
  • Clinical trial design and execution
  • Genetics/Genomics Platforms
  • Genomic annotation and association studies in Clinical Science
  • Proteomics/Protein-based Assays
  • The Economics of drug vigilance based on pharmacogenetics
  • Positioning drugs tied to pharmacogenetics for coverage by payers
  • Tracking and evaluating data through telehealth for rapid collections of vigilance data

Who should attend:

  • Executives and Decision Makers – CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CSOs
  • Leaders in clinical genomics, biomarkers, assays
  • Clinical trial planning and operations
  • Clinical Research, Development, Translational Medicine
  • Practicing Clinicians
  • Genomics/Genetics Analysts
  • Regulatory Leaders in Government and Business Affairs groups
  • Economic Planners and Forecasters
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Business Development Managers
  • Biotech and Biomedical technology researchers
  • Government and public support agencies