PMLS Virtual Series 2021 – Community Oncology

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Nov 2, 2021

10:20-10:25am EST

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Nigel Russell, Founder, Precision Medicine Leaders’ Summits, The Journal of Precision Medicine

10:25-11:10am  EST

Point of Care Molecular Testing – An Overview of the First Year Experience of Rapid In-house Comprehensive NGS in a Community Hospital Setting

Brandon Sheffield, MD, Medical Director, Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Pathology; Physician Lead, Research, William Osler Health System

Comprehensive NGS testing represents a standard of care in oncology practice.  This modality is typically offered in large academic centres, research facilities, and commercial laboratories.  The majority of cancer patients receive their treatment in a community setting, where access to NGS is limited by economic and technical  factors, with delayed results due to complex specimen and information pathways.  This situation makes personalized cancer care unattainable for the majority of patients.  This session will explore how rapidly available in-house NGS can bring this treatment paradigm into reach for community practitioners and their patients.

11:15-11:55am  EST

Bringing Precision Medicine Closer to Home: Applying Technology to Address Unique Challenges in Community Oncology 

Nate Wade, PharmD, MSBA, BCOP, Associate Director, Clinical Oncology, Flatiron Health

Community oncology practices and academic health systems share similar challenges in transmitting, storing, and interpreting molecular profiling test results. However, in contrast with academia, community oncology consists of a more heterogeneous group of practices who have different needs and resources available to them, thus solutions to these challenges must be appropriately curated.

In his talk, Nate Wade, PharmD, MSBA, BCOP, and Associate Director of Clinical Oncology at Flatiron Health, will walk through ways in which technology can enable community oncology practices to address the unique challenges they face when delivering precision medicine to their patients.

12:00-12:30pm  EST 

A System for Molecular “CureMatching” of Patients to Customized Therapies Demonstrates Clinical Validity 

Ally Perlina, Chief Science Officer, CureMatch

New research as published in Nature Medicine and revealed at ASCO 2021 further demonstrates the importance and power of a molecular therapy matching platform that helps oncologists address the complexity of cancer with customized treatment options personalized to each patient’s molecular and immune profile.

12:30pm EST

Closing Remarks

Nigel Russell, Founder, Precision Medicine Leaders’ Summits, The Journal of Precision Medicine