If you work in diagnostics, software, AI, or are a payer, diagnostic developer, clinician, research scientist, or regulator …. this conference is one you won’t want to miss. Hear from leaders in academia, biotech, diagnostics, clinical research, software, AI, and payers at the informative virtual conference on how to address the market-facing challenges of precision diagnostics.

We invite you to join us online for the Precision Diagnostics Virtual Summit on September 24–25, 2020 with a line-up of speakers who will address these points and more:

• How emerging diagnostics companies make decisions about what markets to enter, how, and why those decisions can be best informed
• How to engage payers to gain feedback on data requirements, reimbursement, and long term partnerships
• How to address the challenges of early stage and early market diagnostic companies regarding market access and reimbursement
• How software tools can clarify the value of diagnostics, streamline their use, and quantify their value to payers, providers, and hospital systems
• How to build on success- how some companies have successfully gained commercial and market access traction

Who should attend:
• Executives and Decision Makers – CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CSOs
• Payers- Medical and Pharmacy Directors, Actuaries, CFOs
• Employer and Retiree Benefits Analysts
• Research, Development, and Practicing Clinicians
• Diagnostics Developers
• Diagnostics Purchasers, Sales, and Planning
• Biomarker Research Scientist
• Regulatory Leaders in Government and Business Affairs groups
• Economic Planners and Forecasters
• Marketing Leaders
• Systems Developers for Systems and Software
• Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Developers