PMLS Virtual Series 2021 – Telehealth and Digital Health

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September 19, 2021

Many online searches made in the hopes of rapid self-diagnosis only result in confusion or cause unnecessary anxiety for the searcher.  Fortunately, more accurate assessments by healthcare professionals are now widely accessible through Telemedicine and Digital Health sites and portals.  These tools have grown in use year over year recently, especially so for those 40 and older during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Live sessions for consultations and online portals for data access serve as rapid means for assessment, triage, and/or decisions for patients in a timely manner.

Telehealth enables precision medicine by two routes following data review by a doctor:  first, an online discussion between a patient and doctor regarding a therapy (e.g., change dosing, prescription renewal); second, having the patient undergo more precise testing and assessment.  Either case may trigger a blood draw, body fluid assay strip plug-in (or wireless), an imaging appointment, and/or an in-office visit.  In both cases, the online session adds information or data to the patient electronic health record.  The perspective on telehealth and digital medicine will soon no longer be a “future capability” but rather another arrow in the quiver.

If you work in telehealth, digital medicine, or affiliated analytical technology, this conference is one you cannot miss. Come and hear talks and discussions by leaders in academia, biotech, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, clinical research, informatics, healthcare and regulatory bodies at the world’s most informative virtual conference on the following topics and more:

  • Experiences from all parties – patient journeys, doctors’ consultations, payer perspectives
  • Data-to-doctor analysis and display capabilities for telehealth applications
  • Interfaces and graphics that convey information to providers and patients
  • Capabilities to handle big data sets – imaging files, genomic data, clinical lab results – for review
  • Voice to text conversion for near-real time transcripts for doctor review and EHRs
  • Text and data nalysis for augmented intelligence support
  • Tools that allow access for patients, doctors, data sets, multi-participant meetings
  • Partnerships among diagnostics companies, pharmas, payers, and CROs for connected online resources
  • Making the case to streamline online services and quantify the value to payers, providers, and hospital systems
  • Positioning online services for coverage by payers
  • How clinical and diagnostic groups are addressing telehealth and digital medicine challenges, including translational medicine, data analysis, economic modeling, real-world data capture
  • Challenges of expanding and maintaining online services post-pandemic

Who should attend:

  • Executives and Decision Makers – CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CSOs
  • Research, Development, and Practicing Clinicians
  • Biomarker and Diagnostics Developers
  • Clinicians and practitioners who use telehealth
  • Translation Medicine
  • Fee and Payer Models
  • Diagnostics Purchasers, Sales, and Planning
  • Regulatory Leaders in Government and Business Affairs groups
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Payers, Medical and Pharmacy Directors, Actuaries, CFO
  • Data analytics and informatics specialists